Remember, SOLVERS can be any age, and from any background or profession. You do not need to be an inventor, entrepreneur, scientist, engineer or even in business. You are only commiting to attending one evening meeting in October in Cambridge to take part in a team brainstorm.




Registered solvers

AECOM provides a blend of global reach, local knowledge, innovation and technical excellence in delivering solutions that create, enhance and sustain the world's built, natural and social environments.

Kelly Allnutt
Part of the Conscious Communications team.

Joss Anderson
I'm an independent Executive & HR Coach, based in Cambridgeshire, but I work with clients across the UK and further afield as well. I provide high-impact coaching to HR professionals, business owners & managers of large organisations. & on Twitter @CoachCarpeDiem Part of Nolan Collins' Blunt Brit Team

Sophie Baillie
Member of the Conscious Communications team

Jessica Barnes
I am a research practitioner working witin Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust. I have specialised in the field of brain injury rehabilitation since 2006 with experience as a recreation therapist, case manager and team leader.

Paul Barrett
I'm now nearly a quarter-century older (and wiser?) after a severe sports accident head injury. Since then I've mostly lived abroad. I've met exceptionally impressive and interesting people on account of brain injury -- including many who have and who give happiness extremely well and loads who want (and can become well able) to do more practical daily tasks and "fit in" well wherever they are. As regards what skills and insights I bring, I've eventually been an academic researcher of (and teacher about) brain injury rehab. I'm probably an insightful motivated imaginative generalist (and burdened by modesty, obviously!).

Andrew Bateman
Neuropsychological rehabilitation researcher and clinical leader in Cambridgshire Community Services NHS trust. I am proud of longstanding relationship and support for Headway. Twitter @ozcboss

Tarquin Bennett-Coles
Principal in the Life Science practice at Odgers Berndtson based in London and lives in Cambridge.

James Berry
Chairman of the Trustees of Headway Cambridgeshire

Adrian Bevan
Business Consultant, specializing in communication.

Oliver Bevan
An independent, fully qualified, NICEIC registered electrical services company. Based in Newmarket offering electrical services throughout Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

Karen Bevan

Anne Blackwood
Chief Executive at Health Enterprise East, the NHS Innovation Hub for the eastern region.

Marc Bond
Marketing strategist. Owner of . A long term user of the neurosurgery facilities as an inpatient at Addenbrookes due to my hydrocephalus

Rachel Borley-Yau
Admin coordinator for a Cambridge Biotech company, very interested in problem solving and the processes involved in making those solutions into marketable reality.

Zoe Brading
Current work and experience for past 11 years as Care Manager, Older People and Learning Disabilities, Social Services.

Simon Bragg
Simon Bragg

Mita Brahmbhatt
Brain Injury HTC programme manager

Caroline Broad
I deliver skills development and process improvement through interactive workshops. Working to strengthen your team effectiveness, communication and problem solving skills.

Nicola Buckley
Head of public engagement at University of Cambridge

Dave Burrell
Senior Consultant at Plextek. Lived in Asia for 7 years giving me a good aspect on the other side of life. My son had a major head injury 2 years ago but has been relatively lucky in recovery.

Hannah Campbell
Conscious Comms Team Member

Martin Cassey
A chartered engineer with experience of integrating electronics with a broad range of other technologies and applying them across the automotive, aerospace, communications, security and consumer product sectors.

Nolan Collins
I'm a serial entrepreneur, trainer, author & speaker and the founder of Blunt Brit Marketing, based in the Cambridgeshire area. I provide Digital Media strategies and training, as well as create Animated Videos for businesses. & on Twitter @TheBluntBrit

Jen Collins
Part of Nolan Collins' Blunt Brit team!

Dane Collins
I'm part of Nolan Collins' Blunt Brit team. I'm a Year 8 student at Cambourne Village College and I want a career in the Neuroscience field. I want to study how the brain works so I can help people with brain injuries & illnesses live a happier, healthier life.

Anne Constantine
Principal of Camrbridge Regional College and Chair of the University Technical College Cambridge. Very happy to support Headway in this fun challenge for a serious cause.

Liz Corteen
I am hoping to be on Andrew Bateman's team of Solvers

Paul Coxon
Research associate in the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy.

Simon Cross
I've had a series of head injuries caused through cycling, rugby, a serious car accident and in the course of my work as a police officer. I had to take medical retirement in 2010 because of the effect of these injuries. I am a bicycle collector and cyclist and a committed cycle helmet wearer. I have 2 teenage sons and I can get them to wear helmets because they know what happened to me, but I know that loooking cool and stylish overcomes the desire to be safe in most teenagers. My challenge is to come up with a way of making the helmet stylistically acceptable without losing function.

David Cudby
Scientist, strategist and technophile with an interest in the use of technology in Independent Living.

Michael Denmead
A supporter of Headway Cambridgeshire.

Anna Docherty
Solicitor at Ashton KCJ in the Personal Injury Department. We represent clients who suffer from brain injuries.

Robert Edge
Despite the best efforts, equipment and care of the neuroclinical care team at Addenbrookes , they were sadly unable to save my late mum 3 years ago. Nevertheless our family will always know she was in the best possible hands and although we've raised money for them since,unil now I've never really thought much about the challenges that survivors of such injuries face which are with them for the rest of their lives. I have absolutely no technical expertise or experience in medical device design , but am fairly practically and commercially minded, running my own trade consulting business -

Pam Foreman
Neuro Occupational Therapist at Anglia Case Management. I am keen to get involved to find innovative ways to help improve the quality of life for individuals with brain injury.

Julia Forman
Researcher interested in public health.

Ian Glasscock
Games for Life is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that introduced mind-controlled games to UK and featured in International media and Mail on Sunday after project in Herts County Council schools, as a new treatment for Attention Deficit Disorders. An innovation grant has also integrated other sensors with an online cloud cognitive testing prototype.

Mary Goode
Proud to be Chief Executive of Headway Cambridgeshire

Fergus Gracey
I am a consultant clinical neuropsychologist working in Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust, and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust. I have specialised in neuropsychological rehabilitation, working with both children and adults following brain injury. I'm an active researcher currently involved in projects to do with rehabilitation following childhood brain injury and emotional adjustment following stroke.

Sophie Grainger
Solicitor with Barr Ellison, acting for seriously injured (including brain injured) clients. A fan of gadgets and gizmos, but no scientist.

Alison Harris
Keen to help define practical supportive solutions for parents/family members to help them cope when their child has a brain injury. My son had a brain injury 4 years ago and is very lucky to have recovered very well.

Mike Hope
Brain Injury Case Manager and UKABIF trustee, living in Suffolk, passionate about getting the needs of the many forgotten people with brain injury finally recognised by government, policy makers and commissioners.....and very excited to be part of this innovative initiative!

Nicola Howard
Occupational Therapist

Sue Jones
General science background and interests, and experience with ideas generation and commercialisation. Hoping that I can help.

Stuart Kay
Engineering consultant and product developer, specializing in Medical Devices.

Jacqui Kemp
Supporting organisations to promote wellbeing at work

Clare Keohane
I am a Speech and Language Therapist working at the Oliver Zangwill centre in Ely Cambridgeshire. I have recently completed a study exploring hypersensitivity to sound following TBI and am particularly interested in finding solutions to this problem!

Katie Klavenes
Design & Technology teacher currently studying for an MPhil in Arts, Creativity, Education & Culture at the University of Cambridge. I have a particular interest in inclusive and empathetic design approaches.

Deloitte LLP
Deloitte provides services that integrate Audit, Tax, Consulting and Corporate Finance. Our approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help our clients excel anywhere in the world.

Susy Lawrence-Jones
I am a medical copywriter and psychology/physiology graduate with an interest in the field. I have worked as an assistant neuropsychologist and carried out a DPhil in pain research using fMRI.

Mark Layzell
A serial entrepreneur with a passion for healthcare and business. I run HIteam which provides solutions for businesses and helps turn business ideas into reality.

Peter Lightfoot
I am a Language Teacher and have lived abroad. Over my lifetime i have picked up many skills and am a good problem solver.

Carol Lyon
Corporate Development Director at the PHG Foundation and proud to be a trustee of Headway Cambridgeshire

Donna Malley
I am an occupational therapist working within Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust and have specialised in the field of brain injury for over 20 years. I am excited to have this opportunity to work with others to support people who have experienced brain injury to maximise their potential.

Iulia Maresi
Headway Volunteer and Social Media Coordinator for 'Mind Your Head'. University of Communication and PR.

Judi Marshall
Senior Administrator at Headway Cambridgeshire

Claire McDonald
Working in Regulatory Affairs for a Cambridge based Biotehnology company I am always looking for ways to meet new people, network and develop new skills.

Trisha McQuade
Watching my beat friend trying to cope with the anguish of caring for a child that had gone through the trauma of a head injury was a terrible experience and one a hope is never repoeated. So here's to preventative measures and lots of support for the 1000's of families that it affects!

Siobhan McWhinney
Solicitor in the Personal Injury Department.

Karl Miles
Father of 4 living in Cottenham, loves tinkering with various stuff involving electronics, Lego and Meccano, getting more fun as the family get older and are more able and interested. By Trade a hardware engineer who moved in to Technical Sales focused on custom automated test equipment mainly in the aerospace, military, rail and energy markets.

Charles Norris
A leading UK construction and regeneration group, operating in the public and commercial sectors, through five divisions of copnstruction and infrastructure, fit out, affordable housing, urban regeneration and investments.

Sertan Osman
Sales and Support Engineer at Accurate Technologies UK

Stefano Pascuzzi
I'm a service delivery consultant for Hewlett Packard enterprise services UK providing a variety of technical and non-technical solutions for our clients everyday. Proud to be associated with Headway Cambridge.

Umesh Patel

Sue Peffer
I'm Marketing Manager for Cresset who develop and market computational chemistry software primarily in the field of drug discovery. I'm happy to support either as a Solver or Steward.

Lucy Perkins
Trainee Regional Child and Family Support Coordinator (East of England) who supports children, young people, families and professionals who are affected by a childhood acquired brain injury.

Mark Perriton
I work for COEL who are a commercial fit out contractor and furniture supply company. I spend many hours doing activities where I am at risk of damage to my body ( including my head ) and I am interested in the topic to see what can be done to improve peoples safety.

Cathy Prescott
Helping innovation succeed.

Lynne Pritchard
Independent management consultant specialising in HR and proud to be a trustee of Headway Cambridgeshire

Duncan Purvis
scientist inventor artist

Ruthraprabhu Rathakrishnan
Applications Engineer at Accurate Technologies. Providing advanced engineering solutions in the field of vehicle calibration.

Rob Scoffin
CEO of Cresset. Extensive experience in the fields of cheminformatics and molecular modeling, gained over a period of 25 years in the industry.

Zoe Scorer
Part of the Conscious Communications team

Rishi Sharma
Headway Volunteer and Assistant Project Coordinator for 'Mind Your Head.' University of Cambridge and Judge Business School graduate (2013).

Jody Smith
I am an Electronic Engineer based in Cambridgeshire.

Cambridge Software Engineering Ltd
Cambridge Software Engineering is a project and skills-based software development company based in Cambridge.

Alex Stokoe
A university student studying Integrated Mechanical and Electrical engineering, with an interest in medical engineering. Currently doing a sandwich year in a Cambridge technology consultancy, TTP.

Sue Stoten
I am an Occupational Therapist by background but for the last 15 years have worked in brain injury case management.

Creon Taoself
Property development consultant (project manager) and recent UCL graduate. Most concerned about sports- and construction-related brain injuries.

Jeanette Tasker
Director of Services at Headway Cambridgeshire and very excited about being involved in this challenge

Alison Taylor
Part of the Conscious Communications team

Andrew Taylor
A Mechanical Engineering student from the University of Bath. Currently living in Cambridge on a 12 month industrial placement as a consultant engineer at TTP.

Lisa Tedesco Triccas
I am a lecturer in assistive technology at the University of East Anglia. My main interest is the development and user use of electronic assistive technologies in rehabilitation.

Janette Thomas
Develop innovations in personalised medicine and healthcare.

Debbie Thomson
Account Director at Simpsons Creative in Hertfordshire, particularly interested in marketing communications.

Emma Truin
Practice Group Leader, Slater & Gordon Cambridge, specialising in brain injury cases. Company secretary and trustee of Headway Cambridgeshire.

Charlotte Vallins
I am a commercial property solicitor at Ashton KCJ, based in Cambridge. I have no experience in the injury field but am keen to meet some new contacts and hopefully help come up with some good ideas!

Jeanette Walker
Marketing and selling - anything from concepts to products

Jack Walker
I'm a Year 8 student at Cambourne Village College and I'm interested in a career in the bio/science/engineering field. I'll be working with my mum, Joss Anderson, as well as one of my good friends, Dane Collins, on The Blunt Brit team.

Carole Watts
I am a medical injury solicitor at Ashton KCJ and I act for clients who have suffered a head injury.

Pete Webb
I am a Registered General Nurse with several years experience in both Intensive & Critical Care, and Community Nursing. I have cared for people with head injury in both settings from post-trauma to long term support in the home. I am currently employed by Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust as a Senior Technologist within the Assistive Technology Team.

Louise Whitehead
I'm a university student studying Medical Engineering, about to start a year long industrial placement with TTP.

Rosaline Wong
A clinical negligence lawyer at AshtonKCJ Solicitors. I deal with a wide range of medical negligence cases and am committed to support brain injuries clients.

Victor Wong
I am very interested in working on this interesting project in finding the next disruptive technology in brain injury healthcare. With my technical specialty in research in biotehnology and biomedicine at top academic institutions in the US, UK and Asia. I have been exposed to the latest technologies in the healthcare sector. This, together with my ardent interest demonstrated by my involvement in consulting projects, training through a focused course on Management of Technology and Innovation at JBS and entrepreneurial experiences, will make me an interesting candidate on the discussion of a good solution targeting healthcare in head injuries.

suzanne arnold
I am a storyteller with 30 years experience of community arts, drama and storytelling, working with people of all ages and abilities.